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Workers Compensation Insurance for Contractors

EZBind Shops The Market

Contractors that don’t yet have employees can find it difficult just to get quotes. EZBind has access to over 100 workers comp carriers and scours the market to find affordable workers comp solutions to meet GC requirements and get contractors on the job.

Why You Need It To Close Bigger Deals

States don’t always require contractors without employees to carry workers comp, but GC’s do. This requirement protects GC’s from assuming the enormous liability and cost of each sub on their job site. If you want to work for larger companies, GC’s, Developers and close bigger deals you need to have workers compensation insurance. When you are ready to get the big jobs EZBind can help.

Cover Your Companies #1 Employee, You

If you own an LLC you are an employee of that company. As an employee you can get coverage on your companies workers comp policy for injuries caused while at work. Let EZBind help get your company and all of its #1 employees covered.

Get Your Workers Compensation Certificate in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Call our Broker Hotline or request a quote online.

Step 2: Approve and sign your quote from any computer or phone.

Step 3: Get Your Certificate and Policy in your email.


Gather your Federal Tax Id, previous years results including gross sales, payroll and sub costs. This will help make getting your quote fast but more importantly accurate.

Know your insurance requirements. Having third party insurance requirements information within reach will help to make sure you are not purchasing too much or too little coverage.

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