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Contractors General Liability Insurance

$0 Down Contractors General Liability

To get jobs you are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance with at least a million dollars of A Rated coverage. Sometimes with special endorsements to GC’s and Project Owners. Purchasing the required insurance requires a substantial down payment which is money you need for equipment, payroll and materials. EZBind makes it easier with $0 Down!

EZBind Includes Extra Coverage

Our CGL policy offers a unique endorsement that provides up to $10,000 to protect you against claims resulting in faulty work or materials that would otherwise be excluded in our competitors policy. Example: Demolition and replacement of crooked tile, incorrect installation of heat, A/C and electrical or even failure to meet building codes could mean money out of your pocket. EZBind gives you more for less.

Fast 24/7 Certificates

When your bidding a job or waiting to get paid, you need your certificates of insurance fast. EZBind’s exclusive PolicySpot app allows you to create and share certificates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

EZBind CGL Quote to Certificate in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Request your $0 Down quote. Simply pick up the phone and call our Broker Hotline.

Step 2: Activate Coverage: Receive a written quote package that can be signed in the field from any computer or phone and bind coverage same day.

Step 3: Get Certificate. Receive a policy, customized Certificate of Insurance and confirmation of first months payment almost instantly.


Accuracy will save you money. All commercial policies are audited to ensure type of work, gross sales, payroll and sub costs are the same as estimated.

Just like the people hiring you require a certificate, always get certificates from your sub contractors.

Most claims and Lawsuits arise months or years after a project is completed so always maintain coverage.

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