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About Us

In my twenties I was hired as a building maintenance contractor for a large national insurance company, I fixed leaky pipes, painted new offices and repaired holes in drywall. Working hard and moving up the ranks, I eventually traded my t-shirts for dress shirts but always kept the sleeves rolled up. After years of hearing our construction client’s complaints going unresolved, I believed a company dedicated solely to the needs of contractors had to be built. Breaking insurance industries time honored traditions wasn’t going to be easy and I would need help. So in 2009, Drew and I partnered up and started EZBind with the sole purpose of helping contractors spend less money and get more jobs.

-Sam Castronova

About Us

Our Brokers

Frank Tompkins
Jessica Tompkins
Jim Gamero
Sawyer Hardie
Marissa Picard

Our Service Team

Chris Jenkins
Colleen Hubbard

Executive Team

Sam Castronova
Drew Jenkins

Mailing Address

3145 E Chandler Blvd.
Ste 110-303
Phoenix, AZ 85048
Fax: 602.926.8069
Phone: (888) 991 4446

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